Monday, October 24, 2005


WILMA! left a big trail of destruction in Florida. It hit the coast as a Category 3 storm and made a mess out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. I watched the storm coverage from the Miami TV newscasts streamed on the Web, and you could tell as soon as you saw these reporters getting blown around in Key West that this was going to be a big storm.

But I didn't watch storm coverage all night. In fact, I'm fed up watching hurricane coverage on TV and the Internet. Aren't you fed up with these hurricanes? The Miami TV people were saying on NBC 6 that this was the eighth hurricane to hit south Florida in fifteen months. No wonder they look like pros when they do all this hurricane coverage, they always get hit by storms. Man, these folks who live in Miami ought to get out of there. What future do you have, living in a place which always gets hit by hurricanes? Eight storms in fifteen months, good grief.

As it stands there is a lot of Florida without power today; lots of trees down everywhere, boats capsized, and tall buildings had their windows all blown out. It looked like a war zone.

But not much flooding and not much death. So it's not another New Orleans. Still, reports have it that the looting is on. And I hear Cuba also got it, and so did Cancun. That's a lot of vacations ruined for a lot of Canadians, as they say on the news.

I hope this is the end of these hurricanes this year. People are fed up having to clean up after them all the time.

UPDATE: Word is two Miami TV stations were knocked off the air by the storm. For a story on the TV coverage look here. Yesterday was a big day for news as there were also big explosions in Baghdad with an attack aimed at Western journalists. Western journalists getting attacked by terrorists now?!? Another reason to get out of the news business.

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