Monday, October 10, 2005


This blog has been a regular place for me to rant and rave about these wannabe actors who appear on reality TV hoping it will be a fast track to fame and fortune. Well, here's an article on it.

I guess reality TV works for some people (ie. Trista) but you know, a lot of the people who end up on these reality shows, as the article says, end up looking bad. The people on Survivor get backstabbed and look like fools on TV, and physically the show is hard on them, too. The people on The Bachelor really are made to look like fools when the contestants end up running around with other people. It's humiliating to get dumped on national television. You've got to be nuts to go on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette and have your every move taped. Which is why I think the people on that show are really wannabe actors.

Then there are the wannabe singers, those poor folks who try out for American Idol. There's a lot of no-talents in that bunch of people who can't sing, and then they get cut down by Simon on national television. They really end up looking bad.

The only people who say they got something out of it were the people who went on The Amazing Race. At least they got a free trip around the world out of it, even if they lost in the end. Everyone else on the other shows, well, they regretted it.

Which leads me to think, since I rant about The Apprentice all the time... it must be really lousy to be on The Apprentice, because you have to work all the time! You work hard and it does you NO good. Not only do you put up with all the nonsense of competing to get a dream job with Trump, but your hard work may not even pay off! Most of the contestants are doomed to be fired and humiliated on national TV. These people frequently end up looking like a nutcase, an incompetent, or much worse. Appearing on the show can backfire on you in real-life. Jennifer Crisafulli was fired from her real job because of what happened on the Trump show.

And look at this year's show: they are busy making Markus look really bad, even though he's not all that incompetent. He is, however, out of his element with this awful group of frat boys and uptights he's with. Some people on his team are really full of themselves and arrogant as heck, and frankly I'm turned off by most of them. Markus ought to quit, but he can't even do that without getting humiliated on TV (look at last season). So he's stuck making a fool of himself on TV. What a bad situation.

Really, going on Trump's show seems like a suicidal move for most people, it can do nothing for your image in the real world. The only guy who got fired who really came out ahead was Bradford. He wound up with a few new clients (ex-Apprentice contestants) for his law practice, thanks to The Apprentice. So Bradford was able to cash in.

Not bad for a guy fired after only two episodes.

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