Sunday, October 16, 2005


Well, the ratings are in this week for the big sporting events that dominate TV and all I can say is America is the land of football fans, because the baseball playoffs are getting stomped.

Last Monday's Divisional Series clinching game between the Angels of Anaheim and the New York Yankees, seen on FOX, got beat by ABC Monday Night Football. Pittsburgh and San Diego got more ratings than a big baseball playoff game that saw the Yankees beaten and eliminated. In fact, Two and a Half Men also beat baseball, I heard. And baseball has been getting beaten all week- regularly in second or third place in the ratings.

The World Series ratings promise to be even worse if the Cardinals don't make it in; that's the only team left with any sort of national following. Baseball on FOX is having a bad year.

Hockey is not having a bad year, though: in Canada, TSN is reporting that roughly one in every five Canadians tuned into their opening NHL night coverage, setting new records for TSN. Canadians truly are hockey addicts. Bitter? Angry? My foot.

Now, some really good news: one of the worst shows on TV is not coming back. FOX is dropping The Simple Life. Paris Hilton has been cancelled. Finally, someone in the executive suites listens to the viewers.

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