Monday, October 17, 2005


What's interesting for me is not so much that they went with multiple anchors at Nightline to replace Ted Koppel: it's who they chose. Seems to me we can expect a lot more law and justice stories late at night on ABC News, because this is the Court TV Alumni Club in charge... two of them, anyway.

Terry Moran used to be a reporter at Court TV, and Cynthia McFadden was an anchor there and has a law degree from Columbia! And, of course, Martin Bashir's biggest claim to fame was his documentary on the infamous Michael Jackson. And we all know how much time the people at Court TV devoted to him.

This sure looks, on paper, like a big play for the Nancy Grace crowd. I'm sure there will be doomsayer critics out there who will raise red flags in dismay, and say that this is the end of the show as we know it. They'll whine "they might as well have hired Geraldo" and will rant that the new Nightline will be tabloid, that it will be the place to see coverage of O.J.'s next trial, or Aruba, or other such stories. I'm not so convinced, though. These are credible journalists, these three, and I think it would be good for Nightline to do more justice stories. The Supreme Court changes are going to be a big story in the US far beyond this year, that's pretty obvious. Saddam Hussein has a big trial coming up, too. And these three have experience covering political stories and magazine-type pieces. This is the right crew for the right kind of stories coming up in the near future.

Anyway, that's my two cents. I also noticed Fox News has some new crime news show on weekends now, featuring lawyers-turned-reporters Jamie Colby and Megyn Kendall. But I still don't have Fox News, yet.

UPDATE: What did I tell you? Already Fox News is trashing the ABC News Nightline anchor team, trashing Martin Bashir in particular and invoking the name of Jerry Springer to describe it. (I guess they didn't invoke Geraldo's name because, well, he's a fellow Fox News employee so it would make their own company look really bad if they mentioned him. Come to think of it, Geraldo used to work at ABC News, didn't he? He was an actual colleague of Ted Koppel! Seems like ages ago.)

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