Tuesday, October 11, 2005


And he is the new James Bond.

I sure hope these producers know what they're doing in casting Craig, and I hope he's a big, freaking success as Bond. But I worry about this series- and keep in mind, I'm as big a Bond fan out there as anyone.

I keep reading the comments on these movie websites out there from these movie critics and self-proclaimed buffs, and there's a general feeling that the Bond 007 franchise has really been going downhill, that the Bond movies have been lousy in recent years. The feeling is this series should have ended a long time ago. Personally, I disagree: I thought Pierce Brosnan did a great job keeping the Bond franchise afloat. And the last Bond movie had Halle Berry in it in an orange bikini, so it was memorable for that reason. But you know, yeah, the last couple of movies haven't been all that great when you think of it.

What I'm worried about is the future. One really bad Bond movie could sink the whole franchise for good and this casting fiasco (that's what it was) has done nothing for this series. They couldn't find a Bond, and they couldn't even decide whether or not to bring Brosnan back! The way they handled Brosnan made no sense to me.

What I'm worried about is that they're going to make a Bond movie just for the sake of making a Bond movie, regardless of whether the cast or script is any good. I sure hope this Daniel Craig guy is good, in Casino Royale. He'd better be.

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