Monday, October 10, 2005


Network TV isn't wasting any time with flop shows this new TV season.

Earlier tonight I was disgustedly watching the Yankees beat up on the Angels over on FOX, and finally got fed up watching the Angels get hammered. I was convinced they were going to be blown out. So I decided to switch the TV over to the WB again to catch a show I was starting to really like, Just Legal. I was just going to switch between that show and the game for an hour.

Instead of seeing a show set in sunny California with Don Johnson and Jay Baruchel, they had on this show featuring four babes. Immediately I'm going "the heck is this!?! Don't tell me this show has been CANCELLED!!!"

After switching back to the Yankees game in disgust, I went on Google and my suspicions about what happened to Just Legal were confirmed. I found this article from Saturday, announcing the show was replaced by Related in its time slot. Three bleeping episodes aired, and already the show's over. S#!t!!! I'm not terribly surprised, I read the Nielsen Ratings and knew that Just Legal was just getting killed in the time slot. Also, the USA Network just got the WWE back and has been airing that on Mondays now, so that show also kills everybody.

But I thought the WB would at least give the show some more time or change time slots to another night. Don't you hate it when you watch a new show, happen to like it, and then one week you tune in and it's gone, no warning, nothing?! Over on UPN they have already stopped production on Sex, Love and Secrets starring Denise Richards, and are just running the remaining episodes. These nets are quick about bringing out the hook these days, so when you tune in at that certain time to your favorite show, you can get a rude surprise.

Which has been happening a lot to me lately. They yanked Law and Order: Trial by Jury, then they yanked The Law Firm, then they yanked Head Cases. Now they've yanked Just Legal. Darnet!!! You don't even know what happened to these characters! They don't have a big finale like FRIENDS or FRASIER where you have some idea what these people are planning to do next.

Here's what I'd like to think happened: young Skip Ross' trial victories impressed employers enough that after only a few weeks he got a better law job. So he quit Grant Cooper to work for those two guys from Head Cases. There! That's the end of that series, and the coast is clear for me to watch sports on these other channels on Mondays.

UPDATE: The Angels have come back to lead the Yankees 5-2. And I found out NBC just cancelled Inconceivable. That's four network shows gone in the new season, and it's only October.

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