Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I still claim to run a political blog and have been somewhat involved in the provincial political scene in the last few years.

Therefore I ought to mention this story: Greg Sorbara, our provincial finance minister, has resigned under a cloud.

This is only the number two guy in the government after Dalton McGuinty himself. Needless to say Adam Vaughan, Sean Mallen and the rest of the provincial media went nuts over this. Same with John Tory and Howard Hampton. This was the top story on every front page, except on the cover of the Toronto Sun that had as its top story a victory by the Leafs. But this is more important.

In addition to looking like liars for breaking their promises, our provincial Liberals now look corrupt. Way to go. If Ontario is foolish enough to elect these rascals again I'm moving to Quebec.

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