Sunday, October 16, 2005


Just thought I would show my face again and say I'll be back, eventually, just not right now. I have not been posting here much as of late, for good reason. The baseball playoffs are on and of course it's also football season. There was nonstop football on the tube this weekend and also on the radio. So I have better things to do than sit at a computer, blogging about nothing.

I added a few new links, mainly for my own amusement, so that should keep you viewers occupied. I watched the White Sox win tonight, ho hum. Maybe I'll be back on Tuesday night after the Astros get done kicking out the Cardinals from the playoffs. Then all these League Championship Series will be over and baseball will take a hike until Saturday night, and I can blog again. Then again, I might decide to go to a movie instead. After all, it is Cheap Tuesday at the theatres.

All in all it is a slow week for the CAIRNS BLOG.

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