Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well the troubled Supeme Court nomination of Harriet Miers went up in smoke today.

I'm not surprised, you had both conservatives and big liberals up at arms about this nomination for weeks. Senators were requesting all kinds of documents from the White House about all kinds of sensitive information about this woman for the coming confirmation hearings. When even Peggy Noonan rants and raves about this nomination and trashes her qualifications, you knew it was in a heap of trouble.

A lot of people are saying it was the religious right that did this nomination in, but you didn't see any moderates rushing in to save her, largely because she was unqualified! Let's face it, she was White House Counsel, never a judge. She wasn't a judge on a federal court! We have no idea what her rulings would be. That's why she wasn't fit for the Supreme Court, because she has no experience on the bench. I say you need to sit on the bench for a period of time before being named to the Supreme Court, so you have a record of rulings you can show to the Senate Judiciary Committee. But she didn't even have that. Instead it looked like it was George W. Bush appointing one of his cronies to the Supreme Court, one of his hacks. It was sort of a nose-thumbing at everyone who had qualifications. It looked like a patronage appointment. This appointment reeked of something typical of Canada. Not the way to go.

What I'm worried about now is that the religious right might try and get some wacko appointed to the Supreme Court; someone with an agenda. That's the last thing this Supreme Court needs, these power-mad religious right people trying to put people on the bench who'll legislate morality from the Court. I don't want to see anyone legislating from the bench in a conservative or liberal direction. I want to see people up there committed to interpreting the laws and respecting the constitution. Period!

It's also the last thing Bush needs to do at this stage, appoint some doctrinaire, ideological nut. It's bound to incite a heap of opposition from the Democrats and all these senators, and simply create more trouble for a White House that is already having enough problems. There are supposed to be indictments any day now over the spy leak investigations and speculation is Karl Rove could be one of the people indicted, though I heard a couple of people say he could escape charges. Still, the vultures in the press are circling the White House right now.

And the lefties are having a cow over that 2000th person who got killed in Iraq, and over those recent bomb blasts in Baghdad that almost got the whole press corps killed. They're ranting and raving about that, so no one in America cares now that Iraq actually approved their new constitution, or that most everyone in Iraq wants to see Saddam Hussein hanged now that his trial has started. Even though things are getting accomplished there, it looks to ordinary folks like nothing's getting done for the people at home or for the soldiers who are still getting killed. The polls are saying people think going into Iraq was a bad idea and a waste of time. Bush can't buy a break. The poll numbers are dropping, and this Administration looks like a bunch of people who can't shoot straight right now. It's been gaffe after gaffe. For this White House, it's been a very bad time.

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