Thursday, October 20, 2005


The ratings are down over at The Apprentice and the blame game is on. ABC News reports that Donald Trump is upset and fingerpointing and claiming there's confusion out there with his effort and Martha Stewart's show.

No kidding. Well, what do you expect with NBC scheduling two of these shows at once. People can't follow all the contestants on all of these shows. As it stands I'll probably bail on The Apprentice as soon as comedy relief Markus is fired, which ought to be soon. No one can keep up with these people. Who cares about these folks.

I think there's another overlooked reason for the show's decline. The real reason the Donald's show is down 40% is that people think the Donald's show has gone phony. People don't think this show is real anymore. They just think these contestants are trying to get famous quick, and that the firing sessions are a big act. People used to think this show was something different from the rest of the reality crap out there, that it was a real show about business, but now the viewers feel cheated. Nobody's going to learn how to get ahead in business from any of these nincompoops on any of these shows, doing these chimp tasks for these rich sponsors. So what point is there to watching? Why watch a junk show about business when you put up with enough crap at work? That's why the ratings are down 40%, because people think it's turned into just another reality show like the rest of them.

The real problem is that reality TV is FINISHED. It's the Donald's bad luck that NBC chose to saturate the air with two Apprentice shows at the very time when the reality genre went straight down the chute. The TV execs should have known already that it was going to be a flop. The ratings for reality shows have been going down all year, everyone else is busy cancelling this garbage, yet the geniuses in the NBC programming department went ahead and bet their hat on The Apprentice. As if the Apprentice was a series that was on its way up.

Now NBC is stuck with a flop show on Wednesday and a show in big decline against CSI on Thursday. It looks like the whole series could be sinking fast. Meanwhile, LOST and Desperate Housewives are more popular than ever, and CSI has been breeding new spinoffs like crazy. The Apprentice is going in one direction, down.

I'm going to do a rant on NBC later. They're a sinking ship outside of news and sports right now. I read a post on one of these blogs, trashing NBC and Jeff Zucker (head honcho of NBC). That whole network is having huge trouble in prime time and it deserves a post of its own. Unfortunately, The Apprentice crummy ratings numbers are cited as a major concern for the network, hence the fingerpointing. But the whole network is riddled with problems.

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