Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Since I'm on a roll ranting about the media I thought I'd mention Campbell Brown was on Letterman tonight.

She found it really cool to be on the Letterman show chatting with Dave, so it has to be the highlight of her life, being on the show. She was talking about what it was like covering the Bush White House and how hard it was etc., couldn't get much information out of them, couldn't talk to real people like she does with her present assignment. She's doing the Today show on the weekends. She also talked about how she got her start- she was interested in politics and casting about for some direction, and happened to get into journalism, doing TV internships in Washington, D.C. and getting her first TV gig in Topeka, Kansas, making $6 an hour! Yes, salaries in TV news are that bad in the States. If I were her I would've gone on strike and demanded thousand-dollar signing bonuses.

Presumably she makes more money now. I would sure hope so.


By the way, I tuned into WFAN New York tonight and I can gladly inform you that nobody in the United States cares that the NHL is back. WFAN carried the Devils game tonight, and after that was over Steve Somers immediately went on and all he talked about for a good 20 minutes was not hockey, but baseball and the playoffs. No one cared about the bleeping Devils. Somers mentioned later, though, that there were a lot of people in New York who couldn't watch any NHL games involving the local teams tonight, because all the New York teams got blacked out on Direct TV! How the NHL managed that debacle in NYC on their opening night, I don't know. Anyway, no one seemed to care, they just concentrated on baseball. And no one was listening to Somers anyway, they were all listening to John Sterling do the Yankees game on the other station.

I'm sure no one in Boston cares that the Bruins are back right now, either: they're really worried the Red Sox are gonna get swept after what happened to them in Chicago today (blew a 4-0 lead to the Pale Hose).

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