Thursday, October 06, 2005



I think it's official, Trump is Back.

Last week's boardroom was dynamite, he was telling Chris the entire boardroom not to bring back Markus, don't do it, he wasn't the reason they lost, but guess what, he brings him in anyway and gets himself fired. Donald Trump reams him out, bangs his desk and makes him really feel small, and says "you're fired!"

And Chris deserved it, because he was such an idiot in the boardroom, trying to get Markus fired when Trump was making it clear he wanted to get rid of Mark, instead. All I have to say is that this is exactly what we need to see from this show, some enthusiastic and energetic firing sessions with a lot of fireworks. And this week, the female team descended into cattiness and catfighting, and backstabbing, and it's like old times. What can I say, Trump is Back. To normal.


Martha Stewart, who by the way is planning to come to Nova Scotia for some pumpkin-rowing event and has finally been given the OK by the government to cross the border, is busy breaking all the rules of her own show. For one thing she keeps making up the tag lines as she goes along, every week it's something different. I read about this in one of these tabloids, this was what drove the production team crazy! About the only thing that stays the same is when she writes her PFO letter to the loser after they leave! Sort of like getting your torch snuffed out.

Last night Martha went further and rewrote her show's rules again: remember the part of the show where they ask the project manager to select two people to bring into the boardroom? Well, the project manager sent back upstairs the person Martha wanted to fire. With Trump that's usually the cue to ream out the project manager and fire them. Martha was totally different. She decided to totally ignore the project manager's selections, and instead called back the entire sales force to ream them out one more time. In her company, be prepared to have your decisions overruled by the boss. What an environment.

Martha fired Shawn, the TV reporter, for not selling a single cake. Shawn dug her own grave when she opened her big mouth and said you had to "fake it till you make it!" Martha really hated that line and was really offended the project manager sent her back upstairs to safety. So she fired Shawn and gave the Project Manager something to think about, all at the same time, by disregarding him. What an insult! How diabolical! This is the Martha we've come to know and love.

This really changes the dynamic of the game, too- you can't rely on your friends to send you back upstairs to save your hide. This show revealed a lot about Martha's character. She's playing by her rules. It's a different person and a markedly different style with this Apprentice show. In Martha's world she's the boss. If you blow it she won't care if you're supposed to be safe, she'll still fire you right away. The heck with her own show's rules.

Too bad they're all watching LOST. Nobody cares about this silly show.

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