Friday, September 23, 2005


I'm still waiting for the hurricane to hit on TV. It's now down to Category 3 but people are still freaked out. For a list of links to coverage of the hurricane and all the local stations from Houston covering the storm, see the posts below.

Meanwhile here's the Thursday night ratings news from Zap2It. CBS won the night while the big upset came at 8PM, when the premiere for Everybody Hates Chris on UPN beat Joey on NBC! Donald Trump meanwhile got his lowest premiere ratings to date with only 9.9 million tuning in, far less viewers than CSI and even less than what ABC got for the Dancing with the Stars danceoff results show (won by John O'Hurley). But in the 18-49 demo Trump did beat Dancing handily. Dancing obviously plays to an audience of really old people (who disregard all ads on TV, they say). Thank the Lord, people in the USA are finally telling Nielsen they are sick of reality shows, all of them.

They were also sick of Head Cases. Note I said "were", as FOX just pulled the show about two crazy lawyers off the screens today after two disasterous episodes. Boy, that was really fast, the first official train wreck of the 2005 TV season. Two episodes man, what a huge flop. And I was starting to get into the show, too, it seemed to improve. Can't say I'm surprised, though I did think this series would stay on at least a couple more episodes longer. They had even run the promo for next week already. The Chris O'Donnell character was supposed to get sued for malpractise. I guess we won't find out what happened because nobody was "crazy" about the show. Get it?

In other news Don Imus (who works for NBC) today trashed Martha's NBC Apprentice show and repeated my own comments about Martha not "fitting in" (he obviously reads this blog.)

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