Thursday, September 22, 2005


Well welcome to the Apprentice Blog for tonight and then after I'm done with tonight's show I'll quit blogging about this show forever, I think. As you know, this Apprentice live blog usually doesn't end up live-blogging the show; instead I end up talking about the whole reality TV genre in general and what's happening.

I read some of my old posts from last year and noted even then that "people are tired of reality TV." Well, it is a year later, and I can say definitively the reaction has changed somewhat. People have not just grown tired of reality TV; there is now total hatred for the genre. Reality TV is synonymous with Bad TV in the eyes of the public, thanks to the Hiltons, Rob and Amber, and everyone else.

People (or at least, people with brains) don't want these networks littering the screen with junk reality shows, they want more options. They want comedy, they want drama! LOST is a good example of the type of show people want on their TV screens. And I think the general quality of the dramas on TV is better than it's ever been in terms of production values, with shows like CSI, 24, you name it. Good, well-produced drama series will bring in the ratings. And I think comedy will make a comeback. CBS is banking on a block of sitcoms on Monday nights and I think it's a great move. I think they're getting ready for next year when ABC has to find a replacement for Monday Night Football, which is moving to ESPN. Then CBS can turn Mondays into their version of Must See TV and kill ABC.

I dunno why these folks at Disney decided to do this, move MNF to ESPN. What a bleeping stupid decision, ABC are going to be KILLED on Monday nights now. Maybe football cost too much, that's probably the excuse they are leaning on.


As you know earlier this year I tuned into The Law Firm on NBC, which aired in Trump's time slot. Unfortunately, few people watched the show. NBC aired only two episodes before declaring the reality series "guilty" of low ratings, so they threw the book at David E. Kelley and Roy Black and the show was cancelled. Fans of the show, the few that were out there, were peeved that the show was not kept around to its final conclusion, because they actually liked some of the contestants and wanted to find out who won.

Well, Bravo picked up the series and here is a link to their web page for The Law Firm. They are airing the remaining six episodes of the series Tuesday nights at 8PM in the United States to a devoted die-hard audience of friends and relatives. Unfortunately, this series is not airing anywhere in Canada, so Canadian viewers have to read old recaps and episode summaries to keep up with the remaining episodes. Sounds like the cases got dumber and dumber; on one of the Television Without Pity forums one dude complained that ordinary lawyers would have settled these idiotic cases out of court. I was curious how the contestants on this show did in the end.

I guess we all know what happened to them; they all went back to their day jobs, because NONE of these people got famous from this show.


I think I now know what the problem is with The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.

It seems to me that it's Martha who "just doesn't fit in" to her own show! I can't believe a jury sent this woman to prison. She seems to run a company that tries to nurture their employees, and it's so obvious she hates firing people. Yet, look at this show! Her "Apprentices" are already displaying all the evil Type-A catfight personalities that we are all used to seeing from the Trump organization. You'd think this show would attract contestants who had, well, the calm Martha personality. But no, they all watched the Trump show and are typical-obnoxious. And Martha is no Trump in the boardroom, she just isn't fearsome. Martha's having all kinds of problems adjusting to this show's setup of pitting people against one another and firing and terrorizing people. It seems out of character and out of style for the type of image Martha wants to put out there. Instead of a Martha Show, it's the Donald Trump Show Starring Martha Stewart. Phony!

We've seen it all before. We've seen the same luxury rewards, we've seen the same idiot contestants fighting. It's old already and we, the audience, don't care. Like I say, the outrageousness factor is missing, other than the fact that Martha went to jail. Martha Stewart in jail, now that's outrageous.


Here's what's going down. It's MEN versus WOMEN, AGAIN. One of the female candidates used to be a stripper. (Big scandal). One of the male candidates is openly gay (and therefore on the wrong show, should be on SURVIVOR.) The winning project manager does not get exempt next week unless they vote to make him or her exempt, another change. It looks to me like they're going to get back to what the show was about the first season.

Trump's message of the day is that the ability to get along in business is very important. Sounds like the tone of the show is different, now, too; they're getting rid of the Jerry Springer elements. I think this is good.

I'll be back when the boardroom begins.

Okay, I'm bored already. And I lied about the Jerry Springer elements being thrown out. People are already yelling at each other. The project managers and people with their necks on the line are already in trouble. Now one of the contestants has a death in the family. And now some of the female contestants want to sex it up. Typical Apprentice. Same as normal.

The old show is back. I guess.

And speaking of typical Apprentice, once again these people who are working hard and putting their necks on the lines are the ones getting themselves in the most trouble with Trump, Best way to get ahead in the Trump organization is to sit back and do nothing.

The MEN won the task and rewarded their winning project manager Markus by not granting him an exemption next week, so he gets stabbed in the back. Nobody is impressed by Markus.

Kristi and Melissa are in trouble and people are trashing Melissa for causing a lot of negativity and being disruptive. But the marketing plan SUCKED, it consisted of a brochure that said XXX on it! I think the WHOLE TEAM is out to lunch for doing that!

Kristi asked Trump if she could just bring in Melissa. You know what, they both stink. I think it would serve them all right if Trump got this show started with a bang, and fired them BOTH. Wow, Melissa is dying in the boardroom, she's now claiming she can't work with women! Train wreck city for saying that, puts her foot in it. Melissa YOOOOOOU'RE FIRED.

There you have it, the return of the Trump blog, and I think that's it for me blogging about the Apprentice. It's back to normal for the show, hee hee hee.

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