Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I think all Tories should calm down and cool off over this Peter C. Newman/Mulroney book. By ranting and raving about it in the media now, with Kim Campbell ranting and Mulroney quoted as saying he's devastated, well, all that the Tories are doing is making themselves look like fools and just gives plenty of ammunition to the Liberals to beat the Tories to a pulp in the next election.

I will agree, though, with the rants coming from Mulroney about the press corps being "corrupt." I think they're scoundrels, out to make all Tory politicians look bad. The Ottawa press corps is full of weasels. If Tories are to fight anyone, it's the media, not themselves.

Time for the Tories to lower the temperature, zip their mouths, and stay united and focused on victory.

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