Saturday, September 03, 2005


THE AID arrived yesterday. Finally. Why did it take so long, that's what people want to know. And people are finally clearing out of the Superdome and the Convention Center and the city can finally start to get cleaned up in the next little while as more aid flows in.

Tensions have been running high. Mayor Ray Nagin went on radio to complain that people needed to get off their $#&%s and do something. He actually swore on the radio. Wonder what the FCC is going to do about this.

And during that big telethon last night on NBC a disgusted Kanye West shocked the audience by going on a rant, ranting about how nobody cares about New Orleans because of all the black people there, etcetera; it was sort of incoherent. He finally went and said "President Bush doesn't care about black people!"

You can bet these remaining die-hard conservative bloggers will have a cow over this rant, but they've lost the argument already. If people are upset and in desperate circumstances, who can blame them for losing their cool?! The looting went on because people had no food and no one was providing any food, that's why the looting took place. Conservatives and liberals alike are angry and disappointed by what they are seeing in New Orleans in terms of the failure to respond by the government and emergency officials. What I still want to know is why nobody anywhere was ready for this catastrophe. I mean, didn't people know about the weather warnings?! I knew, here in frozen Canada, on Saturday this could be Category 4 or 5, and yet nobody cared in Washington! And where was Homeland Security? Weren't they aware of the possibility that New Orleans was going to be leveled? Maybe they were too busy worrying about other countries plotting to attack them, with the usual American bunker mentality that we've come to expect the last few years. That self-defeating "whole world is against us" attitude. Anyway, it truly is a disgrace what went on in New Orleans this week.

People down there are asking themselves why this was allowed to happen by saying the famous words "this is America!" This is the type of chaos worthy of some third-world rat-hole run by an incompetent, tinpot dictator. It's not something that we should ever see happening in the prosperous US of A. This shouldn't happen because "this is America."

Well, people right next door in Canada are watching this chaos and thinking this is "typical America". Typical rat-race, fend-for yourselves America, another good reason not to go down THERE. The feeling is that we don't have any of that craziness up here, these terrorist attacks or hurricanes, or race riots in LA or any of that other nonsense. Why? Because "this is Canada!". Nothing bad ever happens to us, because we're so great with our wonderful health care system and are friends with everyone in the world. A real smug attitude. It's another reason to look down on our fellow neighbours.

These Canadians also think we don't need an army up here either. I have a question. Who are they going to send if a real disaster hits Canada?! The US Army?!

If the US Army is so inept at helping the people in New Orleans, then good luck counting on OUR troops for any help if something bad ever happens to us!

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