Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I blog about the media a lot. Why? Because I can.

Well, SUN TV has been on the air a full week now after being rebranded from its failed, totally disgraced predecessor Toronto 1, and all I have to say is that so far it isn't much of an improvement. They're planning big changes like a morning show and all that, but that hasn't happened yet. So maybe it'll improve eventually. But so far there's no real effort being put into this thing. At least the previous station made an effort. Their programs were garbage, but it was garbage with an effort put into it. Here, we're getting garbage with no effort, presumably so they can save money to keep the station afloat. I guess the lesson from Toronto 1 is "don't even try, because you'll flop anyway."

Tonight they had on the syndicated A Current Affair, an old fossil of a show that should have remained in the TV graveyard. Late at night this station runs Jerry Springer. They also are running Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List. That should tell you all you need to know right there about the programming. Dreck still rules.

This station is also running reruns of "classic" shows like Family Affair. Leave It to Beaver, Baretta, King of Kensington and the Beachcombers during the day! Now, I think it's a great idea to run a block of classic TV. I love watching classic TV shows. Just get some good ones already! Family Affair, Leave It to Beaver, what garbage. If they had put on The Dick Van Dyke Show or The Saint, or even The Partridge Family or something like that, I'd at least be able to say they had some taste. At least Baretta's a good idea, but I hope the people putting this stuff on realize this isn't going to get ratings.

They are planning to move the station to the Toronto Sun building and are already putting their print people on the air. I'm very cynical of having newspaper people run the show at TV stations, because they usually have this view that people will tune in to see their own boring newspaper people, when in fact all they want to see is good TV. I guess the Sun people figure the TV pros had their chance with Toronto 1, and they blew it. So let the print people try and get it right. They couldn't do any worse.

But really. Jerry Springer, Leave it to Beaver... yecch.

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