Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My life continues to be a big TV show. Or a bad TV show, take your pick.

I'm tuning into Global TV news with Leslie Roberts and obviously nothing is going on in Toronto today. They're running low on the number of crime stories they have to cover and frankly that's good news. I am famous for hating crime news on TV, stories of people getting shot, robbed and ripped off. The reason I still tune in to Global is because I happen to know some of the people on the air there. I met some of them back in Rogers TV days. You're bound to see some refugee from that operation (like Pooja Handa) wash up on Global.

For instance: today I saw Doug Glazebrook of all people on the TV news. He was a big star news anchor at Rogers TV Mississauga and then went off to do business reporting in Toronto with Garth Turner's bunch. Anyway, he made it onto the Global News tonight. That's the good news. The bad news is that he was actually in one of the stories.

Fortunately, he hadn't been charged with any crimes, and he wasn't a crime victim, either. Instead he made it into a story on DATING! It's Dating 101, a Terese Sears story on the ever-changing dating "rules". They had someone named Laura Bilotta on who had some "Single in the City" column, or site, or whatever it was she was promoting, talking about these goofy rules. Doug was shown on a date with someone named Maria and apparently it went great, he picked up the tab! I was surprised to see him on TV but I guess Global has his number or something and called him up to be in this fluff story because they needed to fill time today, crime in Toronto must be down this week.

Interesting to see that the love life of a former colleague has picked up and that it was worthy of being on Global News. Me, my love life lacks news value so that's why I'm not on Global TV tonight. I definitely need to go on these speed-dating things in town.

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Dating Doug said...

What's shakin John! Hehe - was just googling my name to see what crazy stuff was coming up these days and surprise, surprise! I run a dating review site now so that's how Global tracked me down. I still see you from time to time but not as much these days as I've moved to Toronto. Still, I'm hoping to get back into Rogers - they were supposed to call me for stories but maybe they misplaced the number . . .?? ;) I miss it in there.

Anyway, GREAT BLOG! Hopefully I’ll be running into you again soon. ;)