Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I really ought to just go into entertainment reporting and be done with it. That's all that people care about in this country, entertainment and uh, hockey. Entertainment is where all the jobs at Global TV were created recently; plus, the only people who saved their jobs when Toronto 1 went under were the entertainment people. The news people had to walk the plank and one even went and joined the Liberals (Ben Chin).

Look at what's going on in TV right now. War has completely broken out here in Canada among all the people producing entertainment TV shows. Fun stuff.

In response to the pending challenge from Entertainment Tonight Canada and in an attempt to continue to blast away at eTalk Daily on CTV, CHUM's Star TV has premiered a new show, Star Daily.

From the Star TV website:
From the hottest TV shows to the biggest blockbusters to the hippest music and latest fashion trends, the "Star! Daily" team will cover it all. Hosted by Toronto’s own Husein Madhavji, most recently Entertainment Correspondent for the popular morning show "Good Day Sacramento" in California, he will be joined by Star!’s Larysa Harapyn and our new Entertainment Reporter Danielle McGimsie.

Husein was also at A-Channel in Winnipeg for a while but actually started his career at Citytv behind the scenes. Danielle also started at Citytv and later got on the air at YTV. The new show airs nationally on Star! TV and on the local stations Citytv and A Channel.

Star! is no doubt adding to their lineup to keep up with Roz Weston, Rosey Edeh, Rick the Temp et al, all going over to join ET Canada, and also to shake things up a bit and make eTalk Daily look stale and boring.

eTalk Daily is also shaking up their lineup. I read somewhere that Sophie Gregoire, a.k.a. Mrs. Justin Trudeau, is hired as an entertainment reporter for eTalk Daily. I also read a rant by someone on some blog somewhere, complaining she got her job only because she was married to Trudeau.

Why the heck didn't they go ahead and hire Trudeau while they're at it? They hired Ben Mulroney! (Lots of political offspring/relatives work in entertainment news by the way, look where Billy Bush is. In fact he was interviewed by Husein on Star!Daily tonight.) And Catherine Clark is on the air, too, because her father is Joe. I rant and rave, but I'm beginning to think the only way I'm ever going to get on the air with CTV or somewhere like that is if I propose marriage to Belinda Stronach! Yecch, there's no way I'm doing that.

No wonder people end up going to the States, if this is how they operate here in Canada.

Anyway the TV war is on, just in time for the Toronto International Film Festival, which the gang at Rogers TV plan to cover in force. (I wonder if Candice Batista is still going to be covering it.)

Not to be outdone, SUN-TV (AKA the Artists Formerly Known as Toronto 1) have trashed The A List and renamed it Inside Jam, after their SUN web page.

I have a question. What happened to Dina Pugliese? Did she quit? Was she fired?! She was a babe!!! Maybe she should try to get a job over at MSNBC; I heard entertainment reporter/Canadian Claudia DiFolco quit after just a few months.

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