Friday, September 02, 2005


Well, here's the link to the Red Cross so you can please start donating: Red Cross . org.

As for whether this situation in New Orleans will get under control: well, don't count on it. There are now fires in the central business district. The Astrodome (Houston) can't take any more hurricane victims because it's full up. Police officers are quitting en masse because they don't have the resouces to deal with the violence and don't want to get killed. It's a desperate situation.

President Bush finally arrived in Alabama but we don't need politicians viewing what's going on and giving their PR spin, we need action. Anderson Cooper laid into Mary Landrieu the Louisiana senator live on CNN the other day, fed up with politicians congratulating each other while dying people are being eaten by rats. The animal conditions replicate the worst of the third world. And this is supposed to be America.

I guess I should provide links to the news. Check out NOLA, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, WWLTV, WDSU and the rest of the ones on the sidebar that look like they actually provide news. You're better off going there than watching broadcast network TV. The major networks have been totally AWOL on this story, no doubt because New Orleans is the boondocks to these people in New York and LA who run things. These networks have been a disgrace, they should be wall-to-wall on this story, not just leaving it for the regular newscasts. They should be doing long news specials every day on the situation! Peter Jennings must be rolling in his grave already.

Anyway check out the links I gave you. And be ready to be depressed because all the news is BAD. America is completely going to hell and no one seems able to stop it.

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