Saturday, September 24, 2005


Well the damage from Rita is less than from Katrina it appears, and Houston and Galveston got spared. Concern now is flooding from the rain the tropical storm is planning to dump now on Texas and Louisiana.

Houston local TV was on this story, all 3 of the network stations were streaming their coverage live and are still on right now, covering the damage. Houston is among the most competitive local markets for TV news in the United States and, like Miami, a place that produces a lot of network people- Linda Ellerbee worked there once, as did Jessica Savitch (now there's a name from the past). No doubt it's a good market because they get hit by hurricanes all the time and that allows local reporters and weather guys to go absolutely ape. It was like they were doing election night and making "projections" and stuff... projections of where the storm would hit.

The Houston TV stations were wall-to-wall, streaming this thing. They reported there was a big fire in Galveston that torched a few buildings. And Beaumont got hard hit, as did western Louisiana where they lost a lot of power. Like I say, they went ape.

The cable networks also had a field day, as famed hurricane reporter Anderson Cooper was shown being blown around on CNN again, and famed hurricane reporter Shep Smith did the same thing over on FOX. NBC's Brian Williams was in Baton Rouge and said even that city got hit, they lost a ton of power. I'm sure this will be it for a lot of the New Orleans evacuees, I imagine a place like Buffalo looks mighty good to them today. Buffalo may get lots of snowstorms, but snowstorms are better than hurricanes.

I'm glad I don't live in a hurricane zone, but I keep forgetting that I currently live in a place where the snowstorms are big enough that the mayor has to call in the Army, so I shouldn't feel smug.

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