Thursday, September 08, 2005


Last week was one of the finer hours for the news media generally, more so for the cable nets and the local reporters in New Orleans and Mississippi reporting on the hurricane and then the abominable aftermath, with the starvation and dying, the unsanitary conditions at the Superdome and the absolutely gruesome stories of rape and murder at the Convention Center itself. Here's another article on it.

For the cable nets last week was truly their finest hour. They beat the broadcast networks to a pulp on this story. And it sounds like it was a great week for the Fox News Channel. I really wish I still had access to the Fox News Channel because it sounds as if they really rose to the occasion with their reporting. Steve "Hurricane" Harrigan got a lot of praise covering the hurricane and they sent all their war reporters, who are used to third-world conditions and other horrors, to cover the non-relief efforts. I saw footage of Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera going on Fox News and they seemed rather frantic (especially Geraldo) in describing the terrible, inhumane conditions down there and how awful it was. It was as if they wanted to cut through all the political BS going on out there, and tell people what was really going on about the human misery there. Same with Anderson Cooper ripping these politicians on the air for giving their BS PR spin lines about how much aid they were providing. He was acting like Bill O'Reilly.

Predictably, I'm now hearing about conservatives complaining about Roger Ailes turning on his own party now, after last week's coverage. But what did they expect, for Fox News to be lapdogs? They're a news organization, they aren't supposed to be propagandists! I'm glad to see Fox News stand up for themselves and not shill the party line. All of America was horrified by what happened down there and you wanted to hear the truth, not a bunch of political shills. It's interesting that the usual bigmouths like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity had very little to say last week and were out-shouted by their own reporters. The big conservatives at Fox News had to shut up, for a change, from what I gathered.

You know, you have to admire what there reporters are all doing down there in reporting this terrible story. No matter how awful it's gotten, no matter how poor the conditions were, they were able to get the story out. You can't help but admire what they're doing and the important job they have reporting the news.

About the only person who exposed herself as the big fraud in the journalism business last week was Rita Cosby. I used to like her at Fox News, but now that she's at MSNBC she's turned into an embarrassment. She spent part of last week in Aruba before flying to sunny Houston, but she sure didn't get her hands dirty like these other reporters did, that's for sure. She was really where the action was, not. I saw her on MSNBC last week (when WDSU streamed its coverage) and boy was she out of her element on this story. This story is separating the great journos from the also-rans, and Rita Cosby is definitely looking like the latter right now in the eyes of much of the press.

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