Thursday, September 01, 2005


It's unbelieveable, the scale of the carnage and civil disorder in New Orleans right now. This city is not acting in the relatively orderly way New York reacted over 9/11. People are genuinely freaking out down there.

They haven't figured out how to plug those two levees yet, and the evacuation is not going well. Someone disrupted the evacuation of the Superdome by firing a shot at some helicopter. That brought the evacuation to a screetching halt.

And also some famous people who tried to ride out the storm, like "Fats" Domino, are missing.

The situation is so sad that I don't want to write about it any more. Here's a link to NOLA, which gives you plenty of news on the situation direct from New Orleans from the local paper there, and I plan to add some links here to places you can send money to for relief efforts. They're planning a telethon on Friday over on NBC, so I plan to find a link for that.

UPDATE: Fats Domino has been found alive.

The news gets worse and more grizzly by the hour. Word is that there were deaths at the convention centre or whatever they call it today. People are starving to death waiting for food to arrive. Stories of unsanitary conditions at the Superdome and people now looting, just so they can get something to eat. Reporters and eyewitnesses are seeing stories of people dying before their very eyes. This is worse than what's happening in Iraq. Even the reporters are calling it more dangerous than Iraq. There's violence in the streets.

Where the heck is the vaunted US armed forces? Shouldn't they be on their way in force to rescue everyone? Why aren't there any food drops happening in the center of town, that's what I want to know. And where are the police?! I read on Lost Remote that reporters like Shepard Smith are getting frustrated because they were expecting convoys of military people to show up on the shores to come in and help save the situation- I guess people were telling them this was going to happen. But it isn't happening. I think people are being lied to en masse.

I'll save this rant for another blog item, but I gotta say that when even Fox News is getting annoyed with the government for not doing a good job addressing the situation, well, that says a lot. The situation in New Orleans is a DISGRACE and all levels of government should have known last SATURDAY, when the weather warnings came out, that this disaster was going to happen. And I'm with these folks who say WHO CARES ABOUT IRAQ TODAY. The US Army should just leave these quarreling fools to sort out their own bleeping constitution for themselves right now, and come home and save New Orleans and help all these people. This is a national travesty.

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