Wednesday, September 28, 2005


As you know I still claim to run a right-leaning political blog here, but I haven't posted very much about the subject lately.

Part of it is because I'm trying to clear the decks for my full return to TV and for that to happen I'll need to rip up my political memberships and all association with politics. I can't rip up my political views, though, I can't simply abandon those. But I have nothing in common with a lot of these political people, even though I love politics and the game of it. More to the point, I'm especially fed up with what's happening in the federal scene. None of those people represent me. Not a single one of these jokers in Ottawa.

It's sad. The Conservatives are going nowhere and getting trashed in print by the media. The press doesn't seem to care about scandals, instead all they care about is the lousy Tory poll numbers and how incompetent the party looks as a result.

The National Post is running a series this week, "Is Conservatism Dead?" To which I say do we really need to buy the National Post to figure out the answer to that question? Of course it is! The Tories are never going to win again when you have the whole media reporting on all the backstabbing types in the Tory party. Even with the CBC on a picket line, the media is making the party look bad in the eyes of the public.

I hoped with the merger that things would change in the federal scene, but it seems to me that nothing's changed. The federal Conservatives have inherited all the problems of its predecessors. They've inherited the single-issue wingnuts and political incompetents from the Canadian Alliance, and they've inherited the stab-the-leader-in-the-back types from the old federal PC party. I gotta say this about the old PC party (which I was once a part of, might I add): that party was the greatest collection of losers ever assembled. Instead of fighting the Liberals they constantly fought with each other. It was the "progressives" versus the "conservatives" all the time and the "progressives" were never happy unless they totally ran the show. And the "conservatives" thought the solution was to quit and start their own party. Total fools.

And all the problems have continued into the new party. The Harper gang are still doing these burger-flipping media events and trying to shore up their image. Meanwhile, troublemakers like Carol Jamieson are busy dragging down the party's image, ranting against the leader. This kind of destructive behavior is doing nothing for the party's image. Why don't they simply kick her out of the party? Simple: because it will be more bad press if they do that. Why the media gives this woman credibility, I have no clue. I read this post on Stephen Taylor's blog and you can read it for yourself: it makes this woman look really bad. If it's true what Taylor's blog is saying, that this woman worked on Enza "Supermodel" Anderson's campaign for leader of the Canadian Alliance of all people, then she truly ought to be embarrassed.

The problem is that Bourque and the mainstream media seem to give this woman credibility so they can show that the Conservative party is in chaos. I'd say this is terrible journalism on the part of the mainstream media and another example of the media acting like Liberal lapdogs, giving phony credibility to these Tory outsiders and wingnuts. These malcontents don't represent majority opinion or even credible minority opinion within the Conservative big tent. If there's a bunch of Tory MPs plotting against Harper, well, that's one thing, but if it's only a bunch of disgruntled/Orchardite-type people, well, why don't they tell the whole story and say it's a fringe element behind this? Tell the people the truth, be fair and balanced! But that's not the way the media works in this country.

That's part of the reason I'm sick of politics and especially sick of Toronto politics. Maybe I should be sick of the media too, but that's another story. When you have destructive fringe elements and professional backstabbers rummaging around the political scene- and a bloodthirsty media looking for knife-the-leader stories all the time- it simply contributes to the poisoned atmosphere we've come to expect from politics in this country. Add to that the trough-feeders and the Belindas of the world, and it's no wonderordinary people are turned off if this is what they see: a distorted view of politics. The few good guys in politics, guys like John Tory and Tony Clement, well, they get the shaft because they're associated by default with all these other losers in the eyes of the public. The public thinks "they're all the same", and they use that as their excuse to put back in the same idiots that they've complained about for years. It's pathetic.

There are a lot of good people in politics but when you give these backstabbing types credibility and ammunition, well, that just encourages the Tammany Hall machine-politics that we are seeing today in Canada. Canadian politics becomes a soap opera, with backstabbing and bickering all the time. And all I've got to say is I'm totally fed up.

Isn't it time for a change from all this!?! Yecch.

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