Monday, September 12, 2005


Honestly. I think these Peter C. Newman tape recordings of Brian Mulroney are old news, frankly. We all knew Mulroney was one of these politicians who had an inflated view of himself. So what. That isn't news and hasn't been news for years.

The Globe and Mail made it sound today like it was some big scandal. If this is a scandal, then Canada is a dull and boring country. They think it's a scandal for Mulroney to suggest that he was a really great prime minister, but the fact is that Mulroney did a lot of daring, groundbreaking things during his time in office, and many of his policies (especially free trade) have stood the test of time, so he's right to be full of himself! And people are excited that he supposedly had "profane" things to say about various other idiot politicians. Oops, did I say "idiot"? Man, I should watch it, I should wash my mouth out with soap.

But I would've had a little more couth in describing Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark and Kim Campbell to my "buddies" in the media. Frankly, I think Mulroney was being Mulroney. He was dead on in his comments. What did you expect him to say about his opponents, especially Trudeau!? What did you expect him to say about Campbell- that she ran a great campaign?! Two seats, man! That's all she got for Mulroney's bleeping party, and you expect Mulroney to say something nice about it and not get too fired up! If I were Mulroney I wouldn't blame him for having a big cow over what happened.

The problem for Mulroney is that he had too many "friends" in the media. Note the quotation marks around the word "friends". With friends like these, heck, who needs enemies?

I was listening to Robert Fife on CTV and he was comparing this stuff to the "Nixon tapes," meanwhile I'm on the floor laughing like a hyena.

People in the press are now saying this is another reminder of why people in Canada hate Mulroney's guts, but you know, Bill Clinton was pretty full of himself, too, and additionally was a big fan of cigars. By all rights everyone in Canada ought to hate President Clinton, filthy scumbag American, yet people in Canada went gaga over him when he came to Canada for his book tour. I don't get it. He was a slippery character who would infuriate his political opponents, a lot of similar traits to Mr. Mulroney. Yet lots of people here in Canada think Clinton's the greatest.

Anyway, enough. Brian Mulroney is old news. What is news is his son, Ben, because the finals for Canadian Idol are this week.

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