Sunday, September 18, 2005


Desperate Housewives may be all the rage but they still lost to Everybody Loves Raymond for Outstanding Comedy. Felicity Huffman won the Best Actress category and that was really the only major award they won. It's also bad news for Arrested Development, because they can't rely on Emmy to bail them out. If they bomb on Mondays they may not get another shot.

Lost won in the Drama category and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the outstanding variety category.

The show got better the longer it went. I thought they did a great job paying tribute to the late Johnny Carson (David Letterman got to say a few words about him) and they also paid tribute to all 3 of the "Big 3" news anchors- the two retired anchors Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather got a big standing ovation and they also paid tribute to the late Peter Jennings.

Those were the high points of a show weighed down by the devastation from Katrina, so the show was kind of subdued. Emmy Idol was a laugh- they had William Shatner do the Star Trek theme.

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