Friday, September 30, 2005


The Apprentice: Martha Stewart ratings have been nothing short of abominable, it finished fourth in its time slot on Wednesday: behind a Lost rerun, two sitcoms on CBS, and So You Think You Can Dance on FOX. It barely beat UPN's America's Next Top Model. It did so badly that not even I watched the show! Not a good thing. I was at the post office instead, mailing something. Sounds like I didn't miss much, though, as the Jerry Springer elements are taking the show over.

In a clear sign that NBC's confidence in the show is fading, they have shaken up their Wednesday lineup. They moved Martha to 9PM and moved E-Ring to 8PM, in what looks to me like a total death blow to both these shows. Personally I think E-Ring is in more trouble than Martha's show, because E-Ring is a lavish drama series and therefore prohibitively expensive, and more likely to get taken off the air within weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if they ultimately junk E-Ring at 8PM it underperforms its new time slot and put on Fear Factor reruns.

As for Martha, not only have they been moved to the "death" time slot against LOST, but they're likely to be up against the Yankees and/or the Red Sox for the next few weeks, too! FOX baseball playoffs are going to be on. Martha's going to do no better than third place against this competition and will be lucky to beat out whatever CBS throws at them, too.

I think NBC's given up on Martha's show. I think they're simply looking for a place to burn off the remaining episodes as a face-saving move, so they don't have to say to the press that they cancelled their supposed great hope Martha Stewart after two weeks. Nothing's going to win against LOST and they know it. This show is DONE after this season. Goodbye!

Speaking of baseball, the Red Sox just beat the Yankees 5-3 and they are now tied atop the AL East.