Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I have a lot of TV news to talk about so I'll do it all in one post.

As you know there's lots to talk about, what with the TV season just starting and the rest of it. That's why I'm talking about it so much on this blog, and honestly I couldn't care less about the supposed mutiny against Stephen Harper, or the opening of Parliament, or the Governor-General, or any of that. Leave that to Bourque and NealeNews. Who cares about that boring nonsense that no one cares about. Really, no one cares about politics in Canada. I have my ear to the ground and my neighbours care not one whit about Ottawa, except to complain about the gas prices.

All that anyone really cares about is Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, and their big surprise marriage on the weekend. And the Rolling Stones played Toronto last night. Topping it all off, this is the last week of the baseball season, regular season that is. So who cares about the happenings in Ottawa. We the people have our priorities straight.

The ratings are out. And ABC and CBS are battling it out early for the lead. CBS is winning thanks to Survivor, CSI and the new hit Jennifer Love Hewitt show Ghost Whisperer. ABC is winning thanks to Lost and Desperate Housewives.

FOX is losing because American Idol and 24 don't start until January, and the baseball playoffs begin in October. When they get their hits shows back on the air they'll be a hit again, but already they had to bring out the hook for Head Cases.

As for NBC, well, they are REALLY losing. They have a bunch of old shows on the air that are getting stale in a big hurry. Their new shows are largely being greeted with yawns; they have a new hit in My Name is Earl, but their Martha Stewart Apprentice show is already treading water on Wednesdays and the Thursday night "Must See TV" lineup is becoming a big train wreck. To blame is that lame Joey show which is starting the whole night off on a bad note, so the whole night ends up being a wash. I wouldn't be surprised if they moved My Name is Earl to Thursdays to try and win some ratings if this keeps up.

Tonight is the Amazing Race 8 premiere on CBS, and also the first Commander in Chief on ABC, and all I gotta say is: why are all the Hollywood shows on TV about politicians filled with liberals?! Why aren't there any conservatives on TV shows or in the movies?! Geena Davis plays yet another big liberal who becomes Prez after her conservative running mate the President is felled by a stroke. The question I have is why would her conservative running mate pick a liberal for VP in the first place?! Especially knowing the VP is a heartbeat away from the Presidency?! Sounds like the idiot plot is at work here.

And there is infighting in the cabinet on whether she should be President and whether she should resign. You know, this sounds pretty realistic... to anyone familiar with Canadian politics where you stab leaders in the back all the time.


I have been watching ET Canada lately and while it is a decent show and all that, it seems to want to go out of its way to show how truly Canadian the show is, to prove to the world it's not another knockoff American show like Canadian Idol (which in Idol's case is a knockoff of a knockoff of a British show). For instance, ET Canada always get these big stars like Mike Myers to tell Cheryl Hickey et al. what big hockey fans they are and how much they love hockey and love the NHL. And it isn't even hockey season, yet!

All I gotta say is stop with the hockey references already! It seems as if they have to bring in the hockey references as if that's what defines Canadians as Canadians in the world. It's driving me crazy. It's just promoting the national myth that in order to be a true Canadian you need to be a hockey fan.

Why not ask these actors if they like the CFL, or the Blue Jays?! I want to know what Kiefer Sutherland thinks about the Saskatchewan Roughriders, since, well, his grandfather ran the province. There are other sports, and being a fan of another sport doesn't make you any less of a Canadian. C'mon, ET, get some hard-hitting answers from these stars about how much they like football and all these other sports!! Enough already, man.

86 WAS 82

Finally, farewell to Don Adams, a.k.a. TV's Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 on the 60s spy spoof TV series Get Smart. Get Smart was a favorite of mine and a lot of my classmates from school, who used to watch reruns on this show in the afternoons on local TV. Adams died of a lung infection.

His other big roles included voicing the memorable cartoon series Tennessee Tuxedo and Inspector Gadget. He was very prominent in Canadian productions; he starred on Check It Out on CTV and appeared in numerous TV commercials, including some memorable PSAs promoting Saskatchewan tourism. A lot of people thought that getting a non-resident like Don Adams to promote Saskatchewan was a waste of money, but as a Saskatchewan resident I thought it was a really cool thing for this big Hollywood actor to do.

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