Monday, September 12, 2005


I found a great link to live coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival. As you may know Rogers Television are again providing live TV coverage of the Film Festival. They are streaming their coverage live on the 'Net for all the world to see. Catch their streaming video live, here. Windows Media required.

Among the coverage they are offering is live red-carpet interviews with the big stars and directors, plus behind the scenes coverage of the big parties and happenings around town. Plus, they have extensive coverage of the press conferences for the movies, and there will be plenty of those to cover. Basically, it's amazing coverage, the best in Canada of this event in fact. Places like Star!TV, Global and CTV have plenty of coverage in their own right, but Rogers Television turns their entire local cable channel over to coverage of the Film Festival in southern Ontario. They kick off all their regular shows and go Film Festival 24/7, and put their top movie people on the event, reputable people like Richard Crouse and Geoff Pevere and those folks.

I know some of the other people working on the coverage, so I basically have to say nice things about them or they'll kill me. I know Candice Batista and she's done red carpet stuff at the Film Festival for years, and I've worked with one of their camera guys on TV reporting shoots so yes, I know these people. They need to be paid tons more cash for the great job they are doing.

The two things Rogers TV does better than anyone else is cover the Film Festival and cover the OHL. That's what they're known for, and they should keep covering the Film Festival for years to come. It reels in the movie buffs and the film fans think it's great.

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