Sunday, September 11, 2005


Well, as you know the auto racing season is pretty much in the books in Canada as far as major races are concerned. The ChampCar races are all in the books in Canada and people are looking to next year, when some big changes could be coming to the auto racing scene in Canada next year and beyond.

There were rumors of big problems with this year's Champ Car race in Montreal. Attendance was way down and there are accusations flying back and forth about people not living up to their obligations, no promotion, etcetera, Anyway, the bottom line is Champ Car could be out in Montreal, and the IRL could come in and replace them. The IRL could hold their event in conjunction with a NASCAR Busch Series event at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

This would give the IRL and also NASCAR a toe-hold in Canada for the first time and also be a blow to the ChampCar World Series. Story from TSN. I dunno about you but I think the ChampCar World Series is in a lot of trouble in Canada, despite the great attendances in Toronto and Edmonton and the general comeback that series has enjoyed this year. The problem is they could lose their race in Montreal and they could lose Paul Tracy to NASCAR next year. Tracy has been testing out the NASCAR cars this year as everyone knows, working with Richard Childress and the gang. And if this goes through in Montreal, fans in Toronto will be howling about how bad they have it compared to the people in La Belle Province. Montreal already has the better of it because they have an F1 race, but by adding the IRL and NASCAR the same weekend, they could really rub it in to Toronto.

I also read somewhere that Calgary was supposed to maybe get a NASCAR Craftsman Truck event next year, too. That would be great for the folks in Cowtown.

UPDATE: Dan Wheldon won his IRL race today so he's all but wrapped up that title, too. The IRL season is all but DONE with two races left, and everyone knows Sebastien Bourdais has got ChampCar won. All these auto racing series are TOAST. Another reason why the NFL has returned just in time.

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