Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I'm watching the Miami TV news again. The reporters are all going ape over Hurricane Rita, now a Category 2. I was watching CBS4 and seeing reporters doing their kamikaze hurricane reporting routine, getting soaked.

It's already making a mess out of the Keys. For a list of links scroll down www.LostRemote.com and also go to www.wsvn.com for Channel 7's coverage.

You'll notice that two of the links Lost Remote links to are from New Orleans, WWL and WDSU. I notice those stations are already following Rita very closely with their weather forecasts and the reporters look very unhappy and depressed about the prospect of having to cover yet another hurricane. Katrina was responsible for truly freaking everyone out.

And the scary thing is this Rita was only a bleeping tropical storm last night before I went to bed. Now it's up to Cat. 2. And it's heading to the Gulf of Mexico where it will probably get stronger still before it hits Houston, or possibly---- Louisiana. Don't tell me this thing is going to hit New Orleans! THAT'S THE LAST THING THAT PLACE NEEDS: ANOTHER HURRICANE!

NOT AGAIN !!!!!!

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