Sunday, September 18, 2005


I am HOME today and very tired, watching the German election coverage on the Internet. I could've gone to an actual political event today that I could've eaten a free hamburger at, but I decided it was too out of the way and I was really tired, and besides that I need a rest from politics.

Tonight is the Emmy Awards and I plan to blog about that tonight, so stay tuned for live EMMY AWARD blogging on the CAIRNS BLOG, assuming I decide to get out of my chair tonight. In fact, this week is going to be a big week at the CAIRNS BLOG for you APPRENTICE fans. THE APPRENTICE BLOG IS RETURNING THIS WEEK when I blog about Martha Stewart's new show and the Donald's latest effort. I had stopped blogging about the show but I figure for old times' sake, why not live blog it again this week and give my running color commentary.

Then after it's over I'll probably quit blogging about it forever. Reality TV is going downhill fast and if you tuned into the latest Survivor, you'll see why.


It's only one episode and already this season sucks. It was a really stale opening show, and I didn't give a care about the contestants. Usually when there's a new Survivor season you have people jumping out of airplanes or out of boats with the clothes on their back, and it's a dramatic, exciting start to the show. But these people just were given their bandanas and were introduced to these two returnee contestants who nobody cares about, and then they all started getting sick and dropping like flies. You had these unfit wannabe actors marooned in Guatemala, puking their guts out and unable to hack the heat and the terrible conditions.

People at looking at these wimps and are saying Mark Burnett should have marooned these people in New Orleans so they could experience real suffering. The critics are saying that Hurricane Katrina has spoiled everyone, but I think Katrina has little to do with it. The problem is that the show has gone stale, and the only thing left for this show to accomplish is for one of these "survivors" to drop dead during the competition. Really, people have seen it all before on this show and they know all the strategies already. And the show's ability to shock is gone.

The show became big because it initially was an outrageous show, with people rat-eating and stuff. In fact, that's why a lot of these recent shows became hits, because they were outrageous. Desperate Housewives became huge because the silly sex-crazed women on that show were outrageous. Tom Green became huge because he was outrageous. American Idol is huge because Simon Cowell and many of these wannabe singers are outrageous. The Apprentice is big because Donald Trump's boardroom firing sessions (and even some of the contestants) were outrageous. I could go on and on.

Now when they see people eating bugs on Survivor people go "who cares?" The outrageousness factor has expired for Survivor. People are looking for the next outrageous show. This series is DONE. OVER. Time for you to go.


The Film Festival is over, by the way. I was downtown and happened to see a bunch of stars at the festival yesterday. LL Cool J, Morgan Freeman and Justin Timberlake. The crowd went nuts when Timberlake arrived. Absolutely went ape mad nuts. I found it kind of funny and amusing, the crowd reaction.

Back when they had that big Rolling Stones concert in 2003 that 500,000 people showed up for, Timberlake got a very different, rather hostile reaction; somebody threw a bottle or something at him on stage. ET and all these entertainment reporters went nuts over this in the States and ran that shot of Timberlake ducking a bottle over and over again. That was all that anyone in the USA saw of the concert, Justin Timberlake getting abuse. The media there didn't care at all about the Rolling Stones. Anyway, this was a different crowd yesterday: gawkers and plenty of screaming girls. I had hoped there would be more starlets around but I guess I showed up on the wrong day for that.

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