Thursday, September 01, 2005


Usually I can only take only about four straight days of apocalyptic news about disasters and wars and so on before I have to shut it off. I tuned out of 9/11 coverage after four days because I was too miserable and fed up watching it, and I got fed up with the war coverage as well. Same thing here, with this awful hurricane. It's just too depressing. I simply can't tune in to day after day of depressing news stories on TV or on the Internet.

That's why I'm switching to less important, happier, more optimistic news... and the big news is that Trump is Back.

Apprentice 4 has been cast and Donald Trump is spinning how how great it'll be, in typical Trump fashion. Actually, all folks are asking for is an improvement over last year's miserable Book Smarts-Street Smarts debacle. What a waste of a season that was. It seems that even Trump wasn't happy with it, he was angry about the casting of the show. He apparently left the casting decisions to the production team (Mark Burnett and crew) who went hog wild and didn't cast any of his suggestions. No wonder Trump looked like he had no interest in his own show last season. He didn't get to select any of these people.

With no input at all from the Donald, we got a typical reality-show cast filled with loudmouths and wannabe actors, who got into fights with each other all the time. One of them even quit the show! It ruined the season, because part of the original charm of the show was seeing good quality people in challenging situations. You normally want to root for these contestants, but you couldn't root for any of these idiots on Apprentice 3.

Trump personally interviewed about 200 candidates and hand-picked the 18 who will be on the show this season. Sounds like quite a few of them have Trump's sense of style- there's even one blonde who is supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous. Way to go, Mr. Trump. All in all, this sounds like great news. Maybe Trump will take an interest in his own show again and we'll have some really riveting firing sessions in the boardroom.

I know, I know, Trump isn't important right now, it isn't life or death.

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