Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Well, I was downtown again today and decided to go down to Roy Thomson Hall around the time the evening news was on, hoping to find a few celebrities and a few entertainment reporters doing live hits.

Turns out I was a little late for most of the celebrities but I did happen to see plenty of entertainment reporters including, I kid you not, Jerry Penacoli from Extra! That says a lot about this Toronto International Film Festival event, the fact that even he was here. He did a standup and the fans were cheering behind him, and he sort of waved and gave a thumbs-up to them. There were other entertainment reporters there, Liz and Jacintha and all the usual people, but I've seen them around town before, so who really cares about them. But Jerry Penacoli doesn't come to Toronto all that often- he'd only show up here if the story was very important. So even EXTRA's here... I'm very impressed.

Also here was the cast of that Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, which made its film fest big gala debut tonight.

Showing up for the premiere tonight was entertainment reporter-turned-big actress Maria Menounos! She even signed a bunch of autographs and in fact came over close to where I was, signing autographs and talking to the fans. The guys there were trying to get her to sign old issues of "Stuff" with her on the cover. She was asking people if we had seen Joaquin Phoenix (from Walk the Line.) And the reaction was who cares about him, this was Maria Menounos, oh my God!

Some were less impressed; one guy asked the others "Maria who?" and he took a ribbing, "you don't know who she is, are you kidding?" I don't think the women were impressed by this former Entertainment Tonight reporter, they were waiting for the hunks to show up.

But we guys were impressed, some of us were ready to faint. Her pictures in Stuff don't do this adorable woman justice- she's so gorgeous and was soooo nice to the fans!


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