Sunday, September 18, 2005


Well, so far the anticipated Housewives sweep hasn't yet happened, though I would suppose it could still happen. So far the hype is all Housewives, they've been all over this freaking show.

Blythe Danner won something and called for the troops to be pulled out of Iraq.

William Shatner won for Boston Legal, Amazing Race won Outstanding Reality Series, but frankly the show itself has been kind of lame. Ellen has been really off her game tonight, her jokes are really flopping tonight.

And they are showing Emmy Idol which was supposed to be one of the better parts of the show but which instead has been nothing short of EMBARRASSING. Donald Trump sang the Green Acres theme and was nothing short of HIDEOUS, and now Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) is butchering the theme from Fame.

Is this the best that TV can do?!? Good grief.

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