Monday, September 05, 2005


Well, I am watching Shepard Smith on Letterman tonight. I heard Anderson Cooper was supposed to be there but apparently CNN thought it was more important that he cover the story. So instead Fox News socks it to CNN and sends Shep Smith to the Letterman show. Smith is talking about the lack of leadership down there in New Orleans.

They are counting the dead now in New Orleans and now the latest estimate is it could be topping 10,000. Really sad situation. The refugees have filled the Houston Astrodome and they are looking for other places to place these people. Mississippi is still a total shambles from the hurricane.

And the Times-Picayune, in an editorial is calling on George W. Bush to fire everyone at FEMA for the debacle of last week. Totally agree, because FEMA blew it.

On the positive side, they have plugged the levees, finally. Soon they can begin the process of draining the city. Hopefully, the worst is over now.

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