Sunday, September 18, 2005


Speaking of TV... don't ya hate when shows you like are cancelled? I found out they got rid of syndicated tabloid-entertainment legal news daily Celebrity Justice.

I guess that the show got the boot because the big trials are OVER. Jacko and Baretta got ACQUITTED, so needless to say, show's OVER. Plus the legal fans are all watching Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteren. Who cares about Holly Herbert.

Mind you I think Celebrity Justice would also have helped itself a lot more if more of its reporters had been lawyers or had law degrees, like the gang at Court TV. The people they had on the show were just the usual tabloid-TV hacks. Anyway it's too bad the show's cancelled. I'll have to watch A Current Affair or some other syndicated show that they usually show during the non-network hours. (We can actually get A Current Affair now in Toronto, it's on SUN-TV. People tuning in must be going "what, it's still on?!?", forgetting that the show just recently came back.)

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