Wednesday, September 21, 2005


As promised I am blogging the Martha Stewart Apprentice spinoff and I gotta say, it's a strange experience. Imagine if you are a loyal Trump Apprentice viewer and suddenly you are in this different environment and different company.

That's what I find intriguing about this show. Already you see a much different style. Trump's style is brash, confrontational, accusatory, and very competitive. You not only have to worry about being fired, you have to worry about being embarrassed on national television while you are fired. And be ready to get grilled if you're the losing project manager. Life is bad.

With Martha, though, it's a much different environment. It's very feminine, very home decor-ish. Already you see a kinder, gentler style from Martha. She talks of having to "ask people to leave", she doesn't talk about "firing" people. The temperature is much lower and consequently I think it would seem like a better environment to work in a lot of ways.

Having said that, I'd rather work for Trump than for Martha. Too much estrogen in the Martha organization for me. I'm more a fan of what Trump's organization does for business, big deals, big money, etc. So Trump's organization is one you really want to work for, and yet Trump himself is FEARSOME.

Here, Martha's organization is just another corporation as far as I'm concerned, yet Martha seems like a wonderful person. You'd walk on coals for this woman (even though she just went to jail!). So I can understand why these people would want to work for her. But her business... I really I dunno if I want to watch a show about THIS, as a MAN.

Okay, I know who to fire: that grey-haired project manager Jeff. The guy needs to be ASHCANNED fast. He's too obnoxious for his organization and I don't care whether he's canned this week or next, he's TERRIBLE.

More later.


What's really odd is that even though Martha's business seems kinder and gentler and not as rough, the APPRENTICES chosen for this are acting exactly the same as the Trump apprentices. They are clawing their eyes out. They are telling people to shut up. The backstabbing is on and I'm looking at this and going, man, this is typical Apprentice.

They divided the teams into creative vs. corporate types and the corporate team, predictably, WON. So the creative team is going to walk the plank and we'll see Martha's evil side.

Right now it's between Jeff and Dawn for the gate I think. Jeff basically took on most of the task and the task was a complete flop. Dawn was a sourpuss the entire task, backbiting and backstabbing. Here we go with the boardroom.


Jeff and Dawn are being KILLED here. Jeff is picking Dawn and Jim to go into the final boardroom with him. If this was a Trump boardroom Jeff would be grilled for picking Jim. COMMERCIAL BREAK!

Okay, here it is, the tagline we've all been waiting for.
Just kidding.

Martha: " You just don't fit in."
Jeffrey, goodbye, you type-A you! Martha claims the task was about connecting with the audience and said Jeff just didn't do it. OOOOOOO---- she even writes him a note after she cans him, saying how sorry she is! What a nice person.

That's the live blog of The Apprentice for tonight!

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