Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I hope ABC releases their Peter Jennings tribute special on DVD sometime soon and donates all the proceeds to fighting cancer, the special was exceptionally well done. I really liked the video of the foreign stories Jennings did.

I dunno if I could have survived at World News Tonight. Jennings not only carved up people's copy and had a huge say on what stories aired on his newscasts, but he HATED the O.J. Simpson story, and also the Michael Jackson story. They showed video of Jennings having to cover this stuff, apparently in disgust, and people like Cynthia McFadden were talking about how he fought against the coverage of Simpson and Jacko, but he had to cover it. Quite frankly, though, those were my type of stories! If I worked at ABC News I would likely have been consigned in disgrace to 20/20 or somewhere like that. 20/20 covered these trials ad nauseum- isn't that where Martin Bashir is these days? And I'm more comfortable doing the longer pieces with the longer interviews, too, so if I were at ABC News I'd definitely be at 20/20 or PrimeTime Live.

Not that I wouldn't have liked doing foreign news or these other big stories given the chance.
It's just that I would also want to see these big trials covered. I guess my news philosophy is pretty populistic. People are interested in seeing these big celebrities in trouble and so am I.

I wouldn't cut it at NIGHTLINE, either: Ted Koppel is another one of these people who really hates those types of stories. I'm just a big tabloid artist.

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