Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Toronto 1 is no more, folks, I read in the Globe that the folks at my favorite newspaper the Toronto Sun are going to rebrand the place. It will soon be known as SUN-TV.

Expect more entertainment and sports shows, none of this Toronto Tonight stuff. Based on what we see in the paper every day, I also expect them to put on plenty of cop shows and stuff featuring bikini models and Sunshine Girls.

And we were just getting used to watching Lance Chilton, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien over on, uh, A-Channel. Aren't you sick of all these changes? But I understand why they'd change the name at Toronto 1. I'd guess Quebecor wanted to distance itself from the total train wreck that was Toronto 1, and are going for a completely new image so they could gain some viewers beyond the usual friends and relatives who tuned in to watch Sarika Sehgal. (Come to think of it, where is she now? Has she gotten a new job yet?)

Next up for rebranding is the CBC, soon to be known as the BBC.

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