Monday, August 15, 2005


I think the show Super Agent is a decent show by reality TV standards, and as a football fan I like to watch it to see what it takes for these agents to make it, but I'm kind of fed up with the client, Shaun Cody.

Shaun Cody is basing his decisions on which agent to eliminate based on non-factors such as what shade of color the car is that they're donating to some charity, or based on whether they're good at PlayStation football, and whether they're good at talking over the heads of four other agents at a dinner table and so on. These are really stupid reasons to eliminate a candidate and in fact, I think that holding a reality series in order to hire an agent is simply no way to go. Shaun Cody should just figure out what qualities he wants in an agent and find the right one, and be done with these also-rans who never had any clients or first-round selections.

Why the heck doesn't he just go to Drew Rosenhaus or somebody and be done with it already? Shaun Cody's not going to get a good agent unless he starts measuring whether they can get him the best deal possible as high up in the draft as possible.

The other thing is that I think it's hilarious that these agents are playing up how Shaun Cody is going in the first round, yet I heard that Cody actually went in round 2. So either these agents botched the job right up or sold Cody a complete line of bull in order to sign him.

This Harold guy on the show- come on, this guy is so full of s#!t, the anti-Jerry Maguire. This guy is all talk and hot air. No personal service, out for himself, willing to steal clients and sabotage people in order to win. I can't believe he's still in the running to be an agent for Cody, or even that he has so many clients already. But I guess he's good at recruiting clients and selling people a line of BS.

Anyway, that's my Super Agent rant.

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