Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Peter Jennings has been gone for just over 24 hours and already the news business is going straight to heck without him.

I was watching the Canadian newscasts last night, all of them, and they all did their best tributes to Jennings: good, well-done stories with old news clips and like. And then it was over. And it was quickly on to the really important, relevant news of the day:

(1) Todd Bertuzzi is reinstated by the NHL,
(2) Wayne Gretzky is named head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes!

These TV news people obviously have not noticed that it's still baseball season. These two items should have been buried at the back of the newscasts. But they were practically the top of the news in Canada yesterday.

They could try reporting a third story while they're at it:

(3) Disgusted TV news people in Canada seek green cards so they don't have to cover hockey stories anymore!

This isn't so much a slow news day as it is a slow news COUNTRY. Is there so little news happening in Canada that this is the best they can do all the time, cover an irrelevant winter sport that shut down its season for a year and hosed all of its fans?

I guess so, eh!?!

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