Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Don't bother tuning in the latest episode of The Law Firm on NBC Thursday night: the legal reality show has been CANCELLED. Instead they're going to show reruns of SCRUBS.

The six remaining episodes of this David E. Kelley effort will air on little-watched American cable network Bravo. Not that anyone cares who wins on this show anymore, anyway.

Seems the ratings for this waste of channel space were in the same territory as that great classic The Princes of Malibu. It lasted exactly as long: two episodes. The LA Times said the show dropped 24% in viewership from its crummy numbers the opening week. By any standard this ranks as one of the greatest flops in the history of television, outdone only by such rare one-episode disasters as You're In the Picture, Turn On, and The Will.

Maybe they'll quit programming reality TV and show us some real TV now, finally, with real scripts and with real actors instead of these wannabes who want out of their day jobs. Like the lawyers on this show.

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