Sunday, August 07, 2005


AS a blogger I feel obliged to report rumors. Just know that these are rumors, nothing official yet, but they are widespread across the Internet and that's why I'm bringing them up.

From what I gather Peter Jennings is in really bad shape from lung cancer. The GLOBE tabloid out this week said that he has four to six weeks to live, but just today a flurry of rumors are flying on the Internet that it could be literally any day or even any time.

TVSPY had some unusually wild, possibly bogus speculation on their boards earlier today that ABC News had alerted affiliates to be ready for Jennings death. This was all in response to a NEWSBLUES item to that effect. That rumor was later denied by a lot of people and I noticed they took the threads down over there. MEDIALINE also has been doing a lot of speculating. Other sources like TVNewser are tight-lipped yet acknowledging the gravity of the situation (ie. "pray for Peter Jennings" type comments at the top of the page).

What we do know, officially, for a fact, is that Peter Jennings has been off the air since April, just recently turned 67, but has continued to work through the illness and even showed up at the office a few times. And we also know that the GLOBE tabloid has come out with this report that he has very little time left.

Anyway, the rumors mean one thing to me: something could be up regarding Jennings, though maybe not today. Anyway, just thought I'd pass along this information about all the speculation. Maybe they all read the GLOBE article and that gave them all their reason to go nuts over Jennings' health. But I doubt it.

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