Friday, August 26, 2005


I dunno about you but I'm hooked on watching hurricane coverage on TV and the Internet. I was watching WSVN and CBS4 over the Internet with their nonstop streaming internet coverage- although WSVN was down for a bit. So I was watching reporters getting soaked covering the hurricane. At least it beats covering crime and murders. TV stations throughout Hurricane Alley live for this stuff. Hurricanes are more exciting to cover and you know for sure the audience is tuning in, because, well, nothing else is on. It's all hurricanes and weather reports on TV.

Well, Katrina made a big mess in south Florida. It brought down a big overpass and flooded a lot of places and knocked out a lot of power, and it also killed a few people. It made a mess at the place meant to host the MTV Music Video Awards this weekend. Wonderful.

It even took out a TV station. WSVN-TV found itself in the eye of the hurricane and was carrying live hurricane coverage, only to be knocked right off the air. The main power went shortly after 8PM, and the generator failed as well! It took a little while before they were able to get back on the air, shortly after. And this was just a Category 1 storm that did this.

Apparently, though, the Dolphins game is still a go for Saturday. They have their priorities in Florida. They're all a bunch of football addicts.

Now Katrina's back over the warm water and now up to Category 2, and getting ready to make a run at the north of Florida to the same place that got hit by Hurricane Dennis earlier this year. So be ready to tune into hurricane coverage on CNN this weekend.

Maybe Anderson Cooper will actually show up, now, to rescue CNN's live hurricane coverage. Vacation's over, man. Back to work.

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