Thursday, August 18, 2005


And in a related development comes news of yet another rule change: because they're now on the Outdoor Life Network, as part of the deal the NHL will now play all of its games outdoors.

Wish I was kidding, but the NHL really is going to be on OLN, a.k.a. the Lance Armstrong network. NOBODY WATCHES OLN, it gets terrible ratings! The ratings for NHL games are going to be awful this year, because the games are on OLN! How are they going to grow this sport on OLN!? More telling is the fact that ESPN had a chance to match this deal and they said no. I gotta say, even though this was their choice, this is still a sad day for ESPN, one of the few US networks to actually treat the NHL with any respect. The hockey guys there must be miserable.

The OLN signing is all the proof you need that hockey is in total disgrace with the public in the United States. It's a big step backward for the league, because the other major sports are all on big-name channels like ESPN or TNT. Now you see why the season-long lockout by the league was such a counterproductive, awful idea.

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