Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I've added a few interesting things over on the list of links.

I added a couple of China links. Western grad Chris Myrick runs the AsiaPundit site in addition to his own personal blog. I've also added the blog of former CNNer Rebecca MacKinnon, who used to be a correspondent in China and Japan. If you're interested in China news and what's really going on over in Asia, visit these interesting sites.

I added Michael Hainsworth's site (which is now a blog, I see) to that list of TV news people on the side. It's not a promotional site like these ones you see from these other TV News people; there's actual effort put into it. Be sure to read about his visit to New York to see David Letterman.

(Hey, I just thought of an idea for these locked-out CBCers: get with the program and start a blog! Everyone else is doing it, and it'll give you something to do in your spare time when you aren't standing on a picket line or launching pirate radio broadcasts.)

I added FLTV, which is a blog about the interesting South Florida TV news scene. Miami has one of the most competitive TV news markets in the United States and many news people have gone on to fame and fortune from this market. (Canadians John Roberts and Jillian Barberie both spent time on TV in Miami.) If you want to watch TV news from south Florida you can visit the WSVN website and tune in online. WSVN is notorious for blood-and-guts crime and tabloid news and has had a huge influence on the way news is covered on TV in the United States. I also added some additional links to some other TV stations that stream their newscasts online, like WDAZ in Devil's Lake, a station a lot of people in Manitoba are able to watch.

That's it. I'm going to try and quit ranting about the media scene in the next few days and start talking about real news and maybe even sports. For a change. I'm done talking about locked-out broadcast news organizations, it's getting too boring.


Myrick said...

Thanks for the link John. I'm working my way around adding a non-Asian blogroll so it will be reciprocated. How are things? It's been a few years (though not yet a decade)

John Cairns said...

Thanks for replying. I'm still sweltering in Toronto even though I still have no real reason to be here. I've looking at giving the news business another shot (after trying out politics and TV sports) but have been tied down recently so haven't really been able to pursue it until recently.

I'm curious: how easy is it to obtain news jobs over there in Asia for people who don't have any Asian languages? I've noticed a few positions advertised for business news jobs so that's why I was wondering about it.