Thursday, August 04, 2005


Who knew that CityTV would rid itself of CityPulse, the name of their iconic nightly newscast with Gord and Anne and the rest of them. Now they're just going to call it CityNews.

Who made this decision, some consultant?! It wasn't Moses Znaimer, that's for sure, because he quit long ago. Someone should go to Speaker's Corner and complain about this.

CityPulse was CityPulse and to mess with a name like that is not good, people. Just because CFTO News changed its name from CFTO to CTV doesn't mean it should be the same over at City. Just you wait, some smart competitor will grab the "Pulse" name and Citytv will never be able to use it again. (Maybe the CHUM people want to get into Montreal, the CTV station has been using the "Pulse" name there for years.)

Also big changes with the final, sad demise of VRLand, now incorporated into A-Channel country. Wonder what people in Barrie think of this, they must be celebrating. They never liked being referred to as VRLand, from what I heard. Must be nice to be part of, ahem, Alberta now. (Didn't the A in A-Channel stand for Alberta? Guess it stands for nothing.) "A-Channel" territory now runs all the way from Ottawa to Windsor, with an outpost in Victoria. And Citytv has taken over in the former A-Channel cities of Calgary and Edmonton and Winnipeg. Those viewers must be tuning in and going "what the H is this?! These darned Easterners, ruining our TV!"

Anyway, this is good news. It's now officially safe to move to Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg now, because you'll be able to watch Citytv and their hip videographers. But it is kind of sad to see the Citytv name, a name that is so completely identified with its Toronto station, turned into some sort of national franchise or network.

The next logical move for CHUM ought to be to expand their empire. I expect the next place they'd want to go is to Quebec, since everyone else is there. Also high on the list of places to go ought to be Saskatchewan. They're everywhere else in Western Canada, so they have to be there. Except there's one problem: urban life doesn't exist in Saskatchewan! Certainly not the way it exists in Alberta. They couldn't get away with calling any station in Saskatchewan "Citytv", because that would be a joke. These people would have a cow over Ed the Sock and Fashion Television, and the rest of the racy stuff on City. It's all farmers and football fans in Saskatchewan. Haven't you seen Corner Gas? That's basically what life is like there. Besides, I should know, I lived there.

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