Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I don't know how much more of Jimmy Macdonald that I can take at 6:30 PM. What a mess at the CBC. Although, quite frankly, the BBC News at 6PM and 10PM is fine by me.

And that's the big fear out there for the CBC. People might actually not miss the CBC broadcasters and wonder why they're flushing millions of dollars down the drain on funding for journalists' salaries, when all they really tune in for is the Antiques Roadshow. Lots of people think the current strike-ridden CBC - with its BBC News, nonstop Antiques Roadshow, and Jimmy Macdonald reruns - is actually an improvement! Read this rant from the Montreal Gazette on the lockout.

But the sports...

You know, this CBC dispute reminds me too much of the NHL Lockout. Now we're starting to hear about the people complaining about their own union. Just like what happened with the NHLPA with all their malcontents.

Who's doing the muttering? Why, who else.


And this METRO article is saying he'll even cross picket lines, but he's a member of the UNION. Isn't this a lockout, isn't he locked out? I don't think he gets a choice in the matter, does he? Cherry even says he didn't even know he was a member of his own union, because they did nothing to help him save his job when he was in trouble. Some union this is, folks, if Cherry's right; talk about ineffective. Mind you, I dunno why Cherry would want to side with management after all his fights with the CBC brass. Makes no sense to me. If I were Don Cherry, I'd sit at home and wait this thing out, because he owes nothing to nobody.

This CBC lockout could last a long time, folks, the way things are going. Wonder what the NHL thinks of this.

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