Thursday, August 04, 2005


This has been rumored for a while and frankly it's a disgrace that it's happened. KMOX 1120, the 50,000 watt blowtorch that carries St. Louis Cardinal games to most of the US states and half of Canada, has lost the rights to KTRS 550. KMOX carried Cardinals games for FIFTY YEARS.

So now you won't be able to hear Cardinal games clear as a bell. Anyway, I should be okay in Toronto if 1470 from Peoria continues to carry Cardinal games, but this is not good news. Apparently KMOX lowballed the Cardinals and the Cardinals couldn't care less about being on a 50,000 watt station that fans could listen to. So that's what happened. What really sucks is it's an eight-year deal, so forget about hearing Cardinal games on KMOX any time soon. Mind you, the broadcasts have sucked ever since Jack Buck died. He is sorely missed.

Who knows, maybe KMOX will be motivated to get the St. Louis Blues games back again, and everyone will be happy. The Blues bolted a few years ago, so nobody can hear them, either. Anyway, this is terrible for the once-great KMOX sports department, former home of legends Harry Caray, Jack Buck, Dan Kelly, and Bob Costas. That sports department right now is left covering, what, Missouri football and basketball?

What a joke. They need to get the Blues games back.

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